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Changing People’s Perspective: Dave Pascht Online Marketing

 dave pascht social media marketingHere are a few tips from Dave Pascht Online Marketing:

Traditional Marketing Strategies

Long time ago, companies utilized banners, poster sand leaflet distribution as form of marketing. They performed different strategies just to make a name for their product and most of all, their company. Starting a business a long time ago is very strategic. It requires a lot of planning and intervention as well. For those who were really uncertain of their status in the industry, they entrusted their faith in FengShui experts or brokers to know if their business plans will be appropriate. There are lots of things that bother the mind of business starters like: “How will other people know about us?” or “Do they know that we exist?” Sometimes it may seem irrelevant to think about those things but it happens in reality. People’s perspective can change from time to time.

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Traditional Marketing


Facing Reality

A lot of posters this day are not given much attention. Aside from those huge billboards, mini posters have lesser impact on people. They just pass by the area and some might not even see what those posters wanted to tell them. Leaflets are too small – you need a man power to distribute it. If you base it in real life situation, people don’t like having those small and thin pieces of paper to be given away. Some companies spend thousands of money in printing their materials yet by the time they distribute it, the people just receive it and never read it. Meters away from you, they are stockpiled and ready to be burned. That is not a good start for a new company.

Internet Marketing Strategies by DavePascht

People Want Something New

If you’re planning to start a club and you give leaflets around, will anybody care to visit your place? People nowadays are picky about their choices not only on their food and clothing but also on the things that they want. If they knew about your event on the latest web bulletin or social web page, then there’s a great possibility that they will build curiosity on how cool your place is.

As shared by Dave Pascht Online Marketing, entice them with some teaser photos of your interior design and party rocking ambiance that will serve as the best place to party from sundown to sunrise. Social pages also offer applications whether you want to come or not. This will give you an idea on how many people to expect every night. Be cool and trendy in meeting the expectations of your clients. It’s the best way to win their hearts.

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