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SEO and SMM Integration by Dave Pascht Internet Marketing

dave pascht internet marketing updatesSocial Media Marketing is often regarded as inferior to Search Engine Optimization. Recently, however, Google and the other big name search engines have begun to place more importance to SMM. In fact, they SEs seem to be aiming to strike a balance between the two. Dave Pascht Internet Marketing assures that the time will definitely come when the two strategies become equal in weight.

SEO in SMM and SMM in SEO

Internet marketers are advised to start treating their SEO and SMM campaigns as one. This means that one should start making his SEO campaigns such as content marketing more interesting to human users. This can be done with images. You can create page with content that is highly relevant and useful. Google crawlers will love this. Then, you place an intriguing image in the middle, preferably above the fold. Once the visitor sees the image and gets curious or cracks out a life, he might get enticed to reading the content. On the other hand, you should make your social media post and publications richer in content. Keep the eye candy to keep them interesting for social media users. Just increase the quantity and quality of the content below each image to give search engine bots more stuff to crawl.

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Favourable Chain Reaction

One a page hits its mark and becomes trending; it gains the potential to direct massive amounts of traffic to your website. Since all of your SEO targeted content is now also more appealing to human users, all your pages have the chance to trend. On the other hand, since your social pages are now more SEO-friendly, they also have better chance of appearing on search engines. Basically, the efficiency and effectiveness of your two campaigns are doubled.

Interaction is Important

Whether the primary purpose of a page is SEO or SMM, interaction is still important. Make sure you read comments and add replies at a regular basis. This will facilitate discussion and initiate activity within your page. Replying also gives the impression that you are there to help. This is an effective way of building rapport. It also helps build your persona as an expert since you are prepared to stand by what you said in the post. Conversing with your target audience is one of the things that brought great success to Dave Pascht Internet Marketing.

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