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Social Media Marketing According to Dave Pascht Online Marketing

dave pascht internet marketing updatesSocial media platforms were originally developed and used to keep in touch with friends and acquaintances. They have ultimately bridged the gap among people as people were able to communicate in real time to anyone, anywhere as long as both parties have an internet connection. Businesses, however, were soon to realize the leverage exploiting this worldwide reach can provide. And social media marketing was quickly born.

Social Media Marketing

Dave Pascht Online Marketing describes SMM as a means of combining SEO and Content Marketing together. Search Engine Optimization means employing techniques and campaigns to help get your page ranked on the first page of search engine results pages. SMM helps in SEO because of the high amount of activity in can generate. One of the things search engine crawlers take into consideration when ranking a page is how much views it receives. Having people share the URL of a page is even better. This is there are usually one or more social media pages in the first page of SERP. In terms of Content Marketing, the high browse rate of social media helps you get your content across a wide audience. Just make sure that your content is catchy and presented in a simple manner. Add a relevant but eye catching image to increase the chances of people reading your page.

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Impressive Growth

Social media has quickly become the main content being shared by internet users. This is why almost all websites now have social media buttons on their pages. Valuable and interesting content tends to circulate in the top of the rankings for months, some even years. Before it gets knocked down of the first results page it would have probably served you tens of thousands of organic hits.

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Common Mistakes

Dave Pascht Online Marketing warns of the common misconceptions about social media marketing. Many people believe than a huge number of followers is all that is needed for a successful SMM campaign. One could never be more wrong. Engagement is interaction is essential in social platforms. You need to establish a strong relationship with your followers. Reply to their comments and talk to them with respect. Build a bond of trust with them and they will even recommend you to their peers.

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